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February - Gabe Fajuri

February 23rd, 2012, 7pm


Selling Dreams: the evolution of the magic catalog

Collector and publisher Gabe Fajuri will share fascinating examples of magic catalogs from the past. Many a budding magician's imagination was sparked by the fanciful descriptions from these catalogs. Gabe will be bringing items from his collection that date back to the 1870s along with more modern examples, and he will even be showing some forgotten magic props rarely seen by modern eyes.

One lucky attendee will receive a free copy of Mail-Order Mysteries: Real stuff from old comic book ads.

Admission is $9 at the door and we need at least 13 sign-ups to reserve the space. The sign-up deadline is February 21 by 11:59pm. The event will be cancelled if we don't reach the minimum number of sign-ups.

Don't miss this event! It's sure to be the feel-good hit of the season! (No pressure Gabe.)

Find a map here. If you need to cancel, send an email to Tracy with a request.

Sorry, this event is cancelled.
Percent to mininimum #:  30.77%
Percent to maximum #:  8.89%
This event needs at least 13 attendees to proceed.
This event will max out at 45 attendees.
We still need 9 more sign-ups by February 21st, 2012, 23:59 before this event can proceed.


  1. Tracy Atteberry
  2. David Parr
  3. Joe Diamond
  4. Jerry Sharff


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